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If there is no appropriate crash test in the database or if you need any kind of special test configuration, we can carry out individual tests for you. We are able to perform almost all types of accidents involving a large selection of collision objects on our highly flexible crash test facility.  Flyer 

We perform:

  • Accident reconstruction tests for courts, experts and insurances, EU-wide (SAE J211)
  • Crash tests with two-wheelers, cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, trailers and much more
  • Tests with dummies (humans and animals)
  • Sled tests
  • Airbag tests
  • Perception of collision (hit and run accidents)
  • General liability claims, insurance fraud
  • Barrier impacts in respect to ECE regulations and FVMSS
  • Driving tests with cars, two-wheelers and trucks
  • Tests of accidents with mechanical devices
  • Testing of load security (VDI 2700)
  • Tests of road restraint systems in respect to EN1317
  • Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts (EN81-1 and -2)
  • Dynamic tests of energy absorption of structures and deformable elements
  • Safety testing of special purpose vehicles
  • Testing of vehicle parts (e.g. roof boxes, roof racks, trailer couplings, navigating mounts etc.) in respect to "City Crash" DIN 75302, ECE-R80
  • Testing of mechanical machines in respect to operational safety
  • Training tests for emergency services (fire workers, police, medical services)
  • Tests for TV- and movie productions
  • Special tests: e.g. art by Dirk Skreber (Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Gent 2008; "Reactor" Skulpturenpark Köln 2009)
  • Development of new test procedures
  • Versuche im Rahmen der Fahrzeugvorentwicklung
  • Tests during preliminary development
Benefit from our skills in the field of accident reconstruction and passive safety. Numerous partners and customers rely on our experience.

Passive safety

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