3. DUMMY.CRASHTEST.CONFERENCE. | 20.06. -21.06.2023

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The DUMMY CRASH TEST CONFERENCE is specifically aimed at everyone who deals professionally with crash tests, dummies and measurement technology, including accident researchers, experts and engineers/technicians from the automotive and supplier industry. Furthermore, a large part of the event deals with the latest findings from tests by our partners from research institutes and the military sector.

The dummies used in standardized crash tests were developed with the aim of determining measured values in a reproducible manner and thus enabling different tests to be compared. These include the THOR-50M dummy developed by Kistler and produced at the Heidelberg site. For applications that deviate from the standards, the use of such dummies does not always make sense due to their unidirectionality and the high costs. The PRIMUS biofidelic dummy offers an alternative here, especially in the field of vibration tests, autonomous driving and in the airbag industry. On the one hand, the PRIMUS dummy will be presented at this congress, which, due to its construction, the materials used and the resulting human-like behavior, represents nothing other than a revolution in dummy technology. In addition, the congress offers you lectures from the areas of dummy development and production, crash measurement technology, barrier solutions and software for data acquisition and evaluation.

The program is rounded off with various real tests on the adjacent test site and numerous exhibitors.


20.06.2023 / Tuesday

11.30 Uhr  

Check-in of the participants and quick lunch + Exhibitor visit

12.15 Uhr


Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig (CTS)  and Jens Wolking (Kistler)

Welcome by the organizers

12.30 Uhr


Jan Hendrik Bohlen, EDAG


13.00 Uhr


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Wernher van de Venn, ZHAW | School of Engineering | Institute of Mechatronic Systems

Safe Human-Robot Collaboration – How Dummies can give their helping hand to AI -

13.30 Uhr


Dipl.-Ing. Yann Leost, Fraunhofer Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, EMI

Investigation of the collision of e-scooter riders with curbs

14.00 Uhr    


Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bührmann, CTS

Crashtest (frontal collision Ernst barrier/car | with THOR and PRIMUS dummy + xSensor mat)

14.30 Uhr    

Break + Exhibitor visit

15.15 Uhr


Dr.-Ing. Heiko Johannsen, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Verkehrsunfallforschung


15.45 Uhr



Craig D Foster, Biomedical Engineer, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC) | GroundVehicle

Survivability & Protection (GVSP)

“Vertical Acceleration Comparisons for PRIMUS and WIAMan”

16.15 Uhr


Wolfgang Evers, Kistler

New test equipment for bumper/impact testing

16.45 Uhr  


Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bührmann, CTS

Crashtest (Plane crash based on NASA test setup)

17.00 Uhr  

Break + Exhibitor visit

17.45 Uhr


Dominik Soyka, Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition WTD 91


18.00 Uhr


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Hannawald und Benjamin Härtel, HTW Dresden

Development of muscle activity in the Biofidel-Dummy to improve realistic collision sequences



Dr.-Ing. Daniel Krentel, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Berlin

"Use of body models in the impact assessment on the 'human system"

19.00 Uhr


20.00 Uhr

Evening Event


21.06.2023 / Wednesday

08.30 Uhr

Check- in + Exhibitor visit

09.00 Uhr


Lucian Beck, Beschussamt Mellrichstadt

Evolution - explosive testing of special-protection vehicles with biofidelic dummy

09.30 Uhr


Bastian Hofmann, Photron

High speed cameras in the crash test application

10.00 Uhr


Paul Lemmen, Cellbond

Cellbond/Kistler Dummy Portfolio Update

10.30 Uhr


Martin Schlierf, Kistler

Automated plausibility check of measurement data against reference data

11.00 Uhr


Kistler / Ralf Bührmann, CTS

Truck changing lane using driving robots from Kistler and then crashing into the end of the traffic jam

11.30 Uhr

Break + Exhibitor visit

12.30 Uhr


Alexander Schmitt, Kistler

DTI technology, In-dummy use and beyond

13.00 Uhr


Stefan Andreas Ritt, German Aerospace Center DLR

Impact Studies on Rigid and Compliant Targets including the first simulation model of Biofidelic Bird

13.30 Uhr


Jens Wolking, Kistler

Continuous acquisition of measurement data by LoRaWan

14.00 Uhr

Break + Exhibitor visit

14.30 Uhr


Ralf Bührmann, CTS

Car crash test against moving biofidelic dummy (Comparison to Euro NCAP pedestrian test)

15.00 Uhr End


Exhibitor packages

Meetingpoint - Booth

  • Meetingspoint stand area 6m² (2x3m)
  • incl. 2 people
  • incl. advertising banners on the crash facility (each 3.40 x 1.70 m)
  • Participation in all lectures, crash tests and evening event, including catering, WiFi, electricity, carpet (grey)
  • Setup the day before (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Dismantling on the (last) day of the event by 6 p.m

GOLD - Sponsor

  • Exhibition stand area 12m² (6x2m)
  • Lecture time in the seminar program
  • incl. 5 people employees/customers
  • including advertising banners on the crash facility (each 3.40 x 1.70 m)
  • Participation in all lectures, crash tests and evening event, including catering, WiFi, electricity, carpet (grey)
  • Setup the day before (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Dismantling on the (last) day of the event by 6 p.m

Event location

Crashtest-Anlage der crashtest-service.com GmbH
Amelunxenstr. 30 | 48167 Münster

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Evening program

We cordially invite you to dinner together at the „Hotel Restaurant Münnich“.

A block of rooms has been reserved for you under the event name until May 4th, 2023.

Price per night in a single room: from €74.00 incl. breakfast (incl. VAT)
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General information

  • Participation fees including drinks, catering and evening event.
  • Certificate of participation 1 week after the event via email.
  • The test documentation can be accessed for 4 weeks approximately 1 month after the event under the CTS customer login.
  • Ticket prices plus VAT / free cancellation option up to two weeks before the start of the event.
  • If necessary, information about a hygiene concept approved by the responsible authorities will be provided in good time before the start of the event.