The Biofidelic Dummy for accident reconstruction

In modern accident reconstruction crash tests with dummies are inevitable. In order to achieve results as realistic as possible from a crash test, the Biofidelic dummy should be used.

Several studies and publications have already impressively demonstrated that the new Biofidelic dummy, due to its motion characteristics and material properties, leads to significantly different damages as a result of a crash test in comparison to the dummies used in accident reconstruction in the past.

Through the analysis of both the damages (caused by the dummy) to the vehicle and the damages/injuries to the dummy itself, the collision speed can be determined within narrow limits.

Rent a Biofidelic Dummy

You would like to carry out your own tests and require a dummy? - Or are you planning a seminar and would like to utilise a Biofidelic dummy? It is not always absolutely necessary to buy a Biofidelic dummy; Gladly, we can provide you with a dummy for a rental fee (plus any applicable repair costs). Since we produce the dummies in-house, we are able to offer you refurbished and newly produced Biofidelic dummies.

We are happy to provide you with a free quotation, simply contact us.

Used Biofidelic Dummies

In particularly for accident reconstruction we offer refurbished and repaired Biofidelic dummies. These Biofidelic dummies have already been used in minor tests and have subsequently been thoroughly inspected and had any damaged parts replaced. The functionality of these dummies then correspond exactly that of new unused Biofidelic dummies. Since a majority of the components can be reused, we can offer you these Biofidelic dummies significantly cheaper.

Therefore, especially for the area of accident reconstruction, an innovative and completely new type of dummy is available, whose implementation also takes economical aspects into consideration.

Also for this, we can gladly prepare a free quote for you.