Applications and projects

Besides in the field of accident reconstruction, the areas of application for the Biofidelic Crash Test Dummies are extremely diverse:

  • Through in-house production, it is possible also to use only individual body parts, for example, for the testing of protective clothing.
  • Likewise, the human-like Biofidelic crash test dummies can be used for explosive tests or mine tests.
  • The Biofidelic crash test dummies can also be employed in the area of testing roller coasters or other amusement park equipment.
  • Furthermore, the crash test dummy is particularly well suitable for fire services and disaster control units as a training object, e.g. in the area of rescue and recovery.
  • Due to its design, the Biofidelic dummy also offers numerous application possibilities in the areas of occupational safety and product liability.
  • Can be used in life cycle tests / vibration tests / human vibration


Current projects

  • Research projects of the BAST
  • Explosive tests or mine tests in the Bundeswehr
  • Represented at GPEC 2018
  • Represented at the Nuremberg Testing Expo
  • Represented and crashed at the ARC-CSI Conference in Las Vegas
  • DEKRA uses Biofidel dummies for crash tests in Wildhaus
  • Research projects of the AHEAD-Group