Construction and measurement technology

The special characteristics of the Biofidelic dummy, in particular the comparability with the real human being, are a result of the special construction method. All materials used conform in their physical characteristics optimally with that of the “components of the real human being”. Thus, for example, bone density and bone structures resemble in detail those of the human skeleton. Due to the similar body density construction to that of the real human being, collision related damages can be caused, for example, on vehicles much more realistically than previously possible with dummies made of steel or plastics. Furthermore, physicians can now directly relate the real injuries of accident parties involved to those of the damages of the Biofidelic dummy used.

Through in-house production, it is possible to produce individual Biofidelic dummies as well as standard Biofidelic dummies. Therefore, body weight and body dimensions can be tailored exactly to the requirements of the customers’ case.

Data sheet biofidelic dummy

Data sheet biofidelic dummy

Measurement technology

Moreover, the Biofidelic dummy can be fitted with extensive measurement technology. Therefore, e.g., collision-related acceleration data or acting forces can be determined for the answering of specific questions.

As a result of in-house production, your individual requirements can be met, for example, using special sensors or installing these to your specifications. Any sensors that are to be installed can either be rented or purchased together with the Biofidelic dummy.

Besides this, it is also possible for us to use measurement technology provided by you. Thus, providing a particularly economical option for generating the required measurement data. Additionally, using already existing measurement technology can potentially significantly reduce any possible administrative expenses (e.g. QM system).


Due to the construction method and own in-house production all assembled parts of the Biofidelic dummy can be repaired after use.

Regardless of the degree of damages, both bone replacements and also soft components e.g latex and silicone elements, can be replaced or repaired.

The repair can either be done at our own in-house assembly or, if required, directly at the customer's premises.

Should a repair be carried out at your location directly, one of our licensed partners can be resorted to. Furthermore, it is possible for you to participate in training sessions, that provide you with the necessary expertise knowledge in order to ensure full functionality of the Biofidelic dummy even after a self-conducted repair.