Fields of application

The PRIMUS dummy in all its diversity

Due to its special design, the biofide PRIMUS dummy is extremely versatile. In addition to the available standard models, the dummy can also be individually adapted to almost any field of application. 

Exemplary fields of application:

  • Crash tests for traffic accident reconstruction
  • Development tests for the automotive industry
  • Tests for autonomous driving and with non-standard seat positions
  • Development and safety tests for the aerospace industry / aircraft industry
  • Drone tests
  • Life cycle and vibration tests
  • Airbag tests (also for PPE such as motorcycle clothing, equestrian, bicycle)
  • Blast or mine tests
  • Bullet tests (safety vests, helmets)
  • Testing of self-mutilation scenarios
  • Accidents with mechanical technical equipment
  • Crime scene reenactment (murder/suicide)
  • Dummy training for special forces (police, GSG9, BKA)
  • Approval tests of amusement park equipment (roller coaster, summer toboggan run)
  • Robust dummy for rescue exercises (fire department, paramedics)
  • Training and rescue scenarios under water
  • Tests of earthquake shelters
  • Product tests, e.g. mattresses