The Biofidelic Dummy

The new cost-effective dummy – exclusively available at CTS

In the case of a precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damages or injuries, the Biofidelic crash test dummy should be used in the future. These Biofidelic crash test dummies are constantly being developed in cooperation with the HTW Dresden and the TU Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lars Hannawald, Dr. Michael Weyde and Prof. Dr. Florian Kramer and are produced according to the latest state of the art technology in a specially designed dummy laboratory at CTS.

The areas of application of the Biofidelic crash test dummy are extremely diverse:

  • Validation attempts e.g. “autonomous driving”
  • Accident reconstruction (occupant tests, pedestrian tests, etc.)
  • Explosive tests or mine tests (e.g. STANAG 4569)
  • Life cycle tests and vibration tests / vibration trials / human vibration
  • Airbag systems (Motorcycle clothing, equestrian sports, cycling, etc.)
  • Verification of amusement park equipment (e.g. roller coasters)
  • Occupational safety and product liability
  • Training object for rescue services (“rescue and recovery”)
  • Testing of protective clothing
  • and many more…

We provide:

  • Sale and rental of Biofidelic dummies
  • Sale and rental of individual Biofidelic dummy body parts (leg, arm, etc.)
  • Various standard models available immediately
  • Individual Biofidelic dummy construction
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Consultancy and implementation of dummy tests
  • Analysis of measurement data
  • Repairing of Biofidelic dummies