Drone crash tests

Risk of accident and injury from low-flying and crashing drones

Since the frequency of drone accidents is not only increasing in air traffic, but also drone collisions with people are being registered more and more frequently, the reconstruction of these accident scenarios is becoming increasingly important.

When drones collide with pedestrians or cyclists, this can lead to serious injuries to humans. In particular, drones at major events or in stadiums, which, for example, have reinforced carbon wings and are also heavier, can cause deep cuts in the head area.

The biofidelic dummy is particularly suitable as a test body for these experiments, since the corresponding cuts in the skin are visualized in a directly comprehensible manner. In addition, realistic measurement data can be used, since the movement behavior of the biofidelic dummy almost corresponds to human movement behavior.

Your options:

  • Selection of different drones
  • Drone collision attempts against biofidelic dummies
  • Drone crash tests against vehicles
  • Indoor / Outdoor tests

Drone crash in the stadium

Drone flies sideways against the biofidelic dummy's head

Drone collision in traffic

Drone crash test against biofidelic dummy on bicycle

Carbon wings from drone cut into biofidel dummy's eyelid

Your contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bührmann

Head of Laboratory / Test Department

+49 (0)2506 / 70 990 73

M. Eng. Robert Menzel

Deputy Head of Test Department

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