Simulation Partner

EDAG Engineering GmbH - CAE/Safety

The EDAG Group is the world's largest independent engineering service provider for integrated solutions in the automotive industry. With over 8,600 experts worldwide, we design and define tomorrow's mobility. As a holistic engineering expert, we have comprehensive expertise in our Vehicle Engineering segment in the field of simulation during development.

Through the simulation, you can virtually secure your certification tests in advance.

GDTECH engineering

Proud of its long experience in the simulation of crashes, GDTech has deployed in its “Crash, Dynamic and Traffic” department a real expertise in dynamic simulation applicable to any case of safety or security device validation and optimisation.

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) – Engineering Design & Simulation Centre (EDS)

ARAI is India’s largest R&D institute providing end-to-end solutions to the automotive industry while leveraging state-of-the-art testing & simulation facilities and experienced manpower. Apart from supporting the Automotive Industry, the EDS group at ARAI is proficient in designing and evaluating road furniture and security products like bollards, barriers, blockers, gates, etc. as per different international standards.