Registration and login

Due to the extensive relaunch of the almost 17-year-old crash test database a new registration is required. Each company who registers as a CTS-customer has to appoint an administrator who logs in to CTS-shop. This is usually the one who registered first in the crash test database (VAT ID required). This person can then assign accounts or logins to all employees. This process can only be done online. A customer contract is no longer required. This improvement has the advantage that all employees can be managed via the company-customer account. Should e.g. an employee leave your company, the account can be deleted directly by you or you can quickly add new employee accounts. Also, you have an office overview of which tests were generated by whom and when.


All customers now receive a free premium account. All customers obtain, with the new CTS web shop, full insight into the test results – and that without a monthly fee.
If no purchases are recorded within two months after the first login, the account will be restricted, so that not all crash test information is visible.