Visitors from Israel

Last Monday, CTS had the pleasure of the visit of Prof. Uzi Raz Phd. P.Eng from Israel. In the scope of the company tour Prof. Uzi Raz Phd. P.Eng and his team were able to attend a crash test and gain an insight into the new Biofidelic-Laboratory.


Sold out grandstand at GPEC-Specialist Conference

A specialist conference with focus on counter terrorism barriers, organised by GPEC, took place this week on the entire CTS-site. More than 250 participants came to follow specialist lectures on topics such as terrorist attacks with vehicles or standards and certifications of corresponding vehicle barriers and much more. Additionally, across the whole crash site, a large number of exhibitors were represented who presented their products. Alongside several counter terrorism crash tests there was, of course, another impressive CTS-crash test with subsequent training exercise for the fire brigade.


Biofidelic Crash Test Dummies presented in Las Vegas

Photo from left to right: Michael DiTallo (Northwestern University), Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kunze (engineering office Priester & Weyde), Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig (CTS), William (Rusty) Haight

This years’ ARC-CSI Crash Conference in Nevada provided the opportunity for Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig together with Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kunze (engineering office Priester & Weyde) to present the new Biofidelic Crash Tests Dummy in the scope of a specialist lecture on personal injury in road traffic. The German Biofidelic Crash Test Dummies were subjected to crash tests live and on site in order to demonstrate the special characteristics of the Dummies. A further highlight of the three day Crash Conference was, among other things, the self-driven implemented crash tests from William –Rusty- Haight. CTS are already excited to welcome Rusty and Michael DiTallo at the coming expert seminar here in Münster.


CTS was guest at “Vision Zero”

Last week CTS was guest at “Vision Zero” in Warsaw (Poland).


Crash Day, Expert Seminar and a new Laboratory

12 vehicles, 3 dummies, 2 motorcycles, 1 bicycle and over 130 participants. That is the result of the 6th Expert Seminar and the 3rd Crash Day 2017. As accustomed the Crash Day was characterised by practical crash tests. Alongside exclusive Biofidelic Crash Test Dummy tests, various motorcycle-passenger car-collisions, passenger car-SUV-collisions and many others, there was a high speed crossroads-collision crash test to end the first seminar day in the well-known CTS style. At the following 6th Expert Seminar, the focus was on interesting lectures in the area of accident reconstruction. Referents from various fields provided insights on current topics in accident reconstruction.

Additionally, CTS was delighted to officially open the new Biofidelic Crash Test Dummy Laboratory. In cooperation with HTW Dresden and TU Berlin (Prof. Dr. Hannawald, Dr. Weyde, Prof. Dr. Kramer) the established laboratory has been specifically designed for the construction and reparation of Biofidelic Crash Test Dummies. Thus, the seminar participants became the opportunity together with the Dummy Laboratory manager Dr. Gerrit Reglitz to gain exclusive insights in the construction and the production of the new Biofidelic Crash Test Dummies. 


Biofidelic-crash test Dummies return for repair

Some of the newly developed Biofidelic-crash test Dummies have returned to repair after their external use. Not only were they subjected to crash tests for accident reconstruction purposes, but they also had to withstand impact tests. In order to give an insight into the production and reparation of the Biofidelic-crash test Dummies, the new and specially designed dummy laboratory will be officially opened as part of the 3rd Crash Day and 6th Experts' Seminar on 14th and 15th September 2017 at CTS.


Porsche Club guest at CTS

Last week, the crash test facility in MS-Wolbeck had visitors from the Porsche Club Monasteria e.V. The evening was a special experience which began with a company tour followed by a presentation by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig on current test areas of CTS.


Coatings Motor Club visits CTS

Last week, around 20 members of the Coatings Motor Club from Münster visited the crash test facility in MS-Wolbeck. As part of the company visit, the participants were able to follow a lecture presented by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig on current test areas of CTS. The evening was rounded off with a high-speed crash test. The vehicles of the participants remained, of course, undamaged.