Münster Police train on crash test facility

Where normally vehicles are crashed or traffic restraint systems are being tested, last Monday evening, the dog handler team of the Münster police trained. They used the complete crash test facility for a guard dog exercise. Dogs and dog handlers had the possibility to recreate various scenarios under real conditions and to train undisturbed. For the duration of the exercise, the crash test facility was completely closed off, so that the police dogs search exercise could be run as realistic as possible.


Summer Festival 2017

After the last summer celebration of the CTS workforce with their families and friends took place almost two years ago, this time was celebrated all the more. More than 150 people were offered an exciting afternoon. Bouncy castle, wheel of fortune, cherry picker rides and entertaining lectures were the focus of the afternoon. Of course, this year too, following a good CTS tradition, there was a high-speed crash test. Another highlight was provided by the fire brigade, which was specifically designed to simulate a vehicle occupancy rescue with the help of the vehicles that had just been crashed. Additionally, under the supervision of test manager Ralf Bührmann, another crash test vehicle was made available, which could be used for own experimentation and be demolished at heart’s desire. We are already looking forward to the next time! 


Barely there and gone already

The new dummy colleagues leave the CTS-dummy laboratory for their first applications.

These individually custom-made Biofidelic-crash test dummies are intended, in this particular case, for the use in explosive tests. Our new colleagues are though very flexible in terms of their application. For both accident reconstruction and industrial tests, a wide selection of Biofidelic-crash test dummies is always available ready on the starting blocks. If you too would like to buy or rent a Biofidelic-crash test dummy, please do not hesitate to contact us for details!


TU Aachen at CTS

Under the direction of Dr. Möhler, around 20 students from TU Aachen visited the crash test facility this week. Within the scope of the company visit, the students were able to follow a presentation by Dipl. Ing Peter Schimmelpfennig on current test areas of CTS. Dr. rer. nat. Ingo Holtkötter also gave a talk on the possibilities of electronic manipulation of vehicles and electric data evaluation. The afternoon was rounded off with a high speed crash test, which the students were able to watch live from the secure spectators stand.


New AXA crash tests

Currently in the CTS-crash test database are almost 40 new crash tests from AXA Switzerland. AXA has reconstructed a wide variety of different impulse and collision situations, e.g. pedestrian collisions, cross-road collisions, rear-end collisions and many more. These crash tests are available for download.


Biofidelic Dummy

The new cost-effective dummy – exclusively available at CTS

In times of modern accident reconstruction, dummies are frequently used in crash tests.In the case of a precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damages or injuries, the Biofidelic Dummy should be used in the future. These Biofidelic Dummies are constantly developed in cooperation with TU Berlin and are produced according to the latest state of the art technology in a specially designed dummy laboratory at CTS.



Intertraffic in China

For the first time, CTS was represented at one of the largest and most important trade exhibitions for road safety in Shanghai. The focus of the first talks were, in particular, on road traffic restraint systems such as safety barriers and road blockers.


Start in the seminar season 2017

At the end of March, CTS were pleased to welcome more than 100 participants at the Traffic Specialist Lawyers’ Seminar. The Seminar, now for the sixth time, offered a broad spectrum on interesting lectures, inter alia, on themes such as manipulation, theft, rear impact collisions and various administrative offenses. The seminar was traditionally concluded with a high-speed crash test.

Following this successful start into the seminar season 2017, the Insurance Seminar in cooperation with Accidenta GmbH was held on 07.04.2017. Once again, almost 100 participants from the insurance industry were able to attend lectures on current topics in the area of accident reconstruction. In addition to a rear impact collision before the lunch break, participants were once again offered a spectacular crash test to round off the seminar.