Crashtest Facility

Highly flexible and quickly convertible

Our 2011 built facility offers an extensive range of possibilities for various crashtest experiments. Thus can all vehicles categories, whether passenger car, motorcycle, bicycle or heavy-duty vehicles (up to 70 t) be tested. Our crashtest centre consists of two acceleration tracks as well as an indoor- and outdoor crashtest area.

Much space, boundless possibilities

Three crash test acceleration tracks are situated on our 30,000m2 large premises. The tracks of up to 260 meter allows for speeds of up to 150 km/h. Furthermore, located in the middle of our crash facility is a 70 x 70 meter crash area which allows for crashes approaching from different angles. The crash test area offers also the possibility for performing dynamic driving experiments such as skidding etc.

Series of experiments regardless of the weather

The 750 m2 large indoor test area allows, independently of weather conditions, crash tests with speeds of up to 65 km/h. The accessibility from both sides allows collisions with oncoming traffic to be performed in the test hall.

Spectators welcome

Thanks to our protected mobile spectators stand means you too can be present live at your crash test. 

Your contact person

Bianca Ruhoff


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