Measurement technology

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The PRIMUS breakable is equipped with crash-resistant measurement technology from Kistler as standard. The corresponding sensors are located in the head, in the chest region and on the hip.

The corresponding data recorder is placed in the chest region and can be read out via LAN cable (max. 48 channels). Since a fully digital measuring system is installed here, a permanent cable connection to external measuring technology is not necessary.

The correct equipment with measurement technology must always be adapted to the problem to be checked. This recommendation is well suited for many applications in the field of motor vehicle accidents.


Standard equipment measurement technology:

  • Head: 6-axis sensor
  • Chest: 3-axis sensor
  • Hip: 3-axis sensor

  • DTI Data Recorder

PRIMUS dummy with 6-axis power cell in the lumbar spine

In order to make it possible to experience loads on the spine in the future, we have equipped the PRIMUS biofidelic dummy with a 6-axis force cell from Kistler in the lumbar spine, which measures the forces and moments that act on the lumbar spine. In this way, permanent loads (vibrations, oscillations) can be measured. Due to the lifelike reproduction of the PRIMUS spine, loads in "unnatural" postures (twisted or bent back) can also be determined.

Standard equipment measurement technology:

Please contact us for individual measurement technology requirements! 

Technical information on the standard measuring technology can be found on the homepage of our measuring technology partner KISTLER.

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