Success story of the company HS Schoch - CTS as a project partner in the development tests

Practical lifesaver: SL1000 rear underride guard with integrated storage box system.

The rear underguard SL1000 from the load securing expert HS-Schoch is celebrating its world premiere at this year's IAA in Hall 26, Stand C26. Saving lives, preserving the environment and creating additional storage space under the trailer. The SL1000 combines many advantages under one "body". Above all, saving human lives is close to the heart of Development Manager Dietmar Beuther. “Unfortunately, traffic accidents involving truck semi-trailers and cars almost always end fatally or usually with the worst consequences for the car occupants. In accidents involving a truck, twice as many people die as in pure car accidents,” says the managing director, describing the status quo. With the SL1000, the load securing expert HS-Schoch wants to correct this unfavorable ratio significantly downwards. In contrast to the previously installed underride protection approved according to § 32b StVZO and EU directives (ECE-R 58), the combination of collision protection and storage box offers effective protection in the event of a collision. The SL1000 consists of a rear part with patented mechanics, which deforms accordingly in the event of an impact in order to optimally dissipate the forces that occur in the event of a car impact with an integrated stanchion box and a PK3000 pallet storage box With the SL1000, this fatal chain reaction is a thing of the past. In the future, the wedge-shaped storage box mounted behind the underride guard will absorb the impact energy at the height of the car side member. On top of that, the impact triggers a mechanism that lowers the entire floor of the box to a height of 250 and 300 millimeters and converts the entire storage box into a crumple zone. Together with the PK3000 pallet storage box, which is also mounted behind the axle, the system absorbs the impact energy in the event of a rear-end collision and prevents driving under the trailer. As a result of the SL1000 mounted in the rear area, a diffuser effect is created, which is reflected not only in better handling but also in fuel consumption. A corresponding consumption test determined a fuel saving of 4.3 percent and an associated reduction in CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions due to the rear diffuser effect with a PK3000 pallet storage box mounted behind the axle.

Additional storage space and impact protection

The stowage box mounted directly behind the underride protection is ideal for stowing stanchions and a large number of the load securing devices required today, such as wheel chocks or lashing straps, etc. In addition to pallets, spare wheels also find a safe loading space in the PK3000. The patented lid opening system of the PK3000 also enables comfortable access to the storage space with the SL1000 without the need for a loading sill. And the SL1000 protects in the area behind the axle, in accordance with the EU directive EZE-R73, which has been issued but has not yet come into force, against the trailer being driven under from the side.

(Text: HS Schoch GmbH)

Erfolgreicher Crashtest vom Lithium-Ionen-Batteriefach

CTS would like to thank the company HS Schoch GmbH for the great cooperation!

Steel trough successfully protects the battery body

With batteries used in cars, there are regular reports of malfunctions and even fires. Different rules apply to industrial trucks. Even in everyday use without accidents, the possible mechanical loads are significantly higher than in a car. The batteries in the industrial trucks from Linde Material Handling are therefore designed in such a way that the batteries are not destroyed even in the event of an accident. Thanks to a multi-stage safety system, the cells and modules as well as the entire battery are specially protected in Linde lithium-ion batteries. For example, Linde uses a different cathode and anode material than the manufacturers of automotive batteries. This material is thermally much more stable. In addition, a solid steel trough protects the battery body in the event of an accident.

(Text: Linde Material Handling GmbH)

Successful crash test of the lithium-ion battery compartment

CTS would like to thank Linde Material Handling GmbH for the great cooperation!

CTS as a project partner in FuE-projects

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