Crash tests with electric vehicles

The number of e-vehicles on German roads is constantly increasing and so is the number of accidents involving vehicles with high-voltage batteries.

In addition to accident reconstruction for courts, CTS supports vehicle manufacturers and battery OEMs in pre-development to protect high-voltage batteries in vehicles during a crash test.

Crash test NISSAN LEAF with high-voltage battery

Crash test Toyota Prius with high-voltage battery

Your options:

  • Speeds up to 140 km/h
  • E-vehicles (cars / trucks)
  • Outdoor

Rescue exercise by the fire brigade


Your options:

  • Rescue exercises by the fire brigade
  • Tests of systems to prevent the risk of fire in vehicles
  • Outdoor

Crash tests of battery modules according to ECE-R100

Barrier trolley for outdoor battery crash tests

Barrier trolley for indoor battery crash tests

Successful crash test of the lithium-ion battery compartment

Your options:

  • Lithium-ion battery testing
  • Crashtests of cells and battery modules
  • Crashtests of li-ion battery tray
  • Outdoor / Indoor

Your contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bührmann

Head of Laboratory / Test Department

+49 (0)2506 / 70 990 73

M. Eng. Robert Menzel

Deputy Head of Test Department

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