Individual crash tests

Detailed reconstruction of the accident through crash tests

How did the accident occur? What damages resulted? We answer these questions quickly and cost effectively by conducting individualised, precise crash tests.

You receive complete digital documentation of your crash test, which presents the actual accident in a clear, multimedia and interdisciplinary way. This allows you to use the data directly for court hearings, insurance claims and expert witnesses as well as other relevant parties.

We provide:

  • Crash tests with two-wheeled vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, agricultural equipment and trailers and more
  • EES tests
  • Tests with crash test dummies (human and animal)
  • Airbag tests
  • Tests for noticeability ("hit and run")
  • Tests investigating general liability claims
  • Clarification of alleged insurance fraud cases
  • Test for accidents with mechanical technical devices
  • Barrier impact tests based on ECE regulations and FMVSS guidelines
  • Tests of vehicle components (e.g. roof racks, roof boxes, frame systems, trailer coupling, navigation device holders, etc.) using tensile testing systems, for instance, in compliance with the "City crash" (based on: DIN 75302:2019-06)
  • Low costs through further utilisation of the data in our crash test database
  • Low material costs by purchasing matching vehicle models and reselling as accident vehicles
  • Technical guideline, version 0.8 (TR) Mobile vehicle barrier
  • DIN SPEC 91414-1:2021-04 Portable vehicle security barriers - Part 1: Requirements, test methods and performance rating

Crash test dummies

Besides the biofidelic dummies produced here, we also offer you the opportunity to resort to other dummy models for crash tests. Regardless of whether you would like to carry out your test with a Nami-dummy, a Hybrid II or a Hybrid III – we will gladly provide you with the appropriate test specimen. Furthermore, other dummy models can be provided from our partners.

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