Body Block Dummys

Black Tuffy Dummy

In the event of a collision, the driver must be protected from the steering system. The Black Tuffy is the test device for such tests. It complies with the following standards:

  • ECE R12 Standard
  • SAE J944
  • FMVSS203


  • Approval test of steering wheels and instrument panels
  • Development test of front airbags


The Body Block Dummy consists of a rubber front half shell mounted on a wooden base. The head, neck and torso are taped to stabilize the rubber body.

Standard-compliant representation of the taped body block

Color body block adaptable to corporate design

Connection plate can be individually adjusted

Dr. Mirko Dobberstein

Technical Director

+49 (0)2506 / 70 990 70

Marco Bäumer

Head of Dummy Manufacture

+49 (0)2506 / 70 990 768
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