Dummies for technical police applications

Development of ballistic protective vests

Bullet in protective vest

Bulging protective plate (no bullet penetration)

Rib fracture due to dynamically high load

Development of ballistic protective vests

Bullet through protective vest

Shot through ballistic protection plate

Shot channel in soft tissue of the dummy

Development of ballistic protective vests

Arm/head dummy

Fixation can be adjusted to customer requirements

Head dummy

Upper body dummy

Dummies for military applications

Military biofidelic dummies for the development of highly armored vehicles

Test cabin

Source: US ARMY



Source: US ARMY



Source: US ARMY

Military biofidelic dummies

Dummies with removable legs



Leg for underbody blasting

Dummy with openings for pressure sensors

Dummy for underbody blasting

Highly armoured vehicle blast

Source: Carl Friederichs

VPAM biofidelic dummy on passenger seat

Source: Carl Friederichs

VPAM biofidelic dummy in the back seat

Source: BMW

Fire brigade dummy for rescue exercises

Rescue exercises “close to reality”

Training dummy: 78 kg


Training dummy: 140 kg


Safed dummy

Stunt dummies for the film industry

Realistic dummies for action films

Stunt dummies in transport boxes

Trade fair dummies

The eye-catcher at every trade fair

Customized Dummies

You decide: Shape, size, suspension and measurement technology

Training dummy for paramedics

  • 140kg, weight and body shape adjustable

Female dummy

  • Proportions adjustable

Dummy for robot collision tests

  • Connection to the back for dummy guidance


Ballast dummy for seat development

  • Size customizable

Lockable joints

Lockable joints

Removable body parts

Dummy components

These and all other spare parts are in stock and available at any time

Rib fracture in soft tissue

Forearm (bone, silicone tissue)

Arm group (bone, silicone tissue, skin)

Arm group for testing safety mechanisms, e.g. of a circular saw








Upper body tissue

Lower leg tissue

Shoulder tissue

Intervertebral disc

Pubic bone


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