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Registration and login

Due to the extensive relaunch of the almost 17 year old crash test database, a new registration is required. As a CTS customer, you must designate one administrator per company to register in the CTS Shop.

This is usually the person who registered first (VAT ID required). This person can then assign accounts or logins to all employees. This process will be done exclusively online, a customer contract as it was required so far is no longer needed. This innovation has the advantage for you that all employees can be managed via the company customer account.

If, for example, one of your employees should leave the company, the corresponding account can be deleted directly by you, or you can quickly add new employees. Likewise, you have an office overview of which attempts were generated by whom and when. If no VAT ID is available, the VAT ID field must be left blank during registration.

Prices and discount

In order to make the pricing in the crash test database transparent and also in the interest of our customers, scaled prices have been introduced. This means that for two tests in the shopping basket, there is a 5 percent discount, for three tests a 10 percent discount and for four tests a 20 percent discount on the total purchase value of the tests in the shopping basket.

Association members (e.g. EVU members) can still be granted a discount of 20% on the contents of the shopping cart.
Furthermore, the test price decreases the older the test becomes. Old tests are therefore cheaper than new tests. This means that some older tests might be available for free of charge for you.

Premium access

After registering in the CTS webshop, you will receive premium status for a period of two months. This means that you can access an extended view of preview images and trial data. If you purchase at least one trial during this period, your premium status will be extended by four weeks from the date of purchase. If you do not purchase another trial within these four weeks, you will lose your Premium status (only limited visibility of preview images). The premium status can be unlocked again for a fixed period of three days (maximum 3 activations) if necessary for a purchase decision and is automatically extended again for four weeks if a purchase is made.

Unlimited premium access

If you would like unlimited premium access, we can convert your account permanently for a flat fee. Feel free to contact us!


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