Biofidelic bird

ALPHA - The test specimen for bird impact tests

The bone and tissue structure was derived from a CT scan of an average chicken and a pigeon. The tissue structures with their different properties replicate the outer shell and internal organs of the bird.

  • Artificial test body (goose, chicken, pigeon, gigeon small, starling)
  • True to nature with skeleton and soft tissues
  • Identical test specimen => reproducible test result


0,9 kg Biofidelic-Bird 

0,7 kg Biofidelic-Bird

0,08 kg Biofidelic-Bird on request



1,8 kg Biofidelic-Bird

3,6 kg Biofidelic-Bird on request


  • True to nature test sample
  • Highest reproducibility
  • Plannable, constant availability
  • One-year guarantee on the preservation of material properties
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Reduction of cleaning effort 
  • Increased efficiency in test processing 
  • Birds ready for delivery at CTS

Wide range of applications:

  • Aircraft engines
  • Drone turbines
  • Wing edges
  • Windscreens of airplanes
  • Windscreens of high-speed trains
  • Windscreens of Helicopters


Press release DLRBT on the Primus biofidelic dummy and biofidelic artificial bird

DLRBT received visit by CTS for an exchange on crash test dummies. Peter Schimmelpfennig and Dr Mirko Dobberstein toured the institute. Test possibilities were discussed at the DLR Stuttgart site and how CTS’ Biofidel Anthropomorphic Test Dummy can contribute to occupant safety in aeronautics.

On that occasion two witnessed tests with 1.8 kg (4 lbs) birds were conducted: CTS biofidel artificial bird under identical impact conditions and DLR’s Artificial Bird DLRRAB.

See latest application of DLRRAB: Information

For this rotorcraft application on the RACER a DLRRAB with 1.0 kg was applied. DLRRAB is scalable to all bird weights.

Stay tuned for more information!

Of course, during the visit all Corona rules were observed!

Research scientist at German Aerospace Center DLR and SAE G-28
Simulants for Impact and Ingestion Testing Committee
Stefan Andreas Ritt

  • Comparative studies of bird strike by dummy tests and simulations

DLR Bird Strike Testing

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