Press release from the DLRBT about the presentation of the biofidelic bird at the 2. DUMMY.CRASHTEST.CONFERENCE:

At #DLRBT, aircraft and helicopter #safety under #crash and #impact conditions are long standing research topics. Our test and simulation facilities are used to drive our analyses. Earlier, we posted a notice on a visit of GmbH at DLR’s Stuttgart site. #Birdstrike testing was the topic that day. Friday, 9th September 2022 at 2. DUMMY.CRASHTEST.KONFERENZ results were shown and discussed with experts. Thank you, Peter Schimmelpfennig for hosting the conference! Have a look on the slo-mo’s of DLR’s reinforced artificial bird #DLRRAB and #CTS’ biofidelic artificial bird #ALPHA to study launching and record impact pulses under conditions typical for start and landing conditions of aircraft. DLRRAB and the biofidelic artificial bird had 1.8 kg (4 lbs) weight commonly applied for aircraft applications. While ALPHA has an ornithomorphic shape, DLRRAB Mk2.3 comes regular shaped but is adaptable to all weights and geometries. Earlier, DLRRAB was applied during the development of the #RACER with a weight of 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) as commonly applied for rotorcraft applications and during the #CleanSky development of #HLFC technology for wing and stabiliser structures with a weight of 3.6 kg as applied for passenger transport aircraft. RACER: CleanSky/HLFC: More information about our Gas Gun facility: #dlrbt #crash #impact #crashtest #crashtestdummy #OTD #dlr #birdstrike #dlrrab #CTS #biofidelicbird #biofidelicdummy


Toyota Land Cruiser, approved according to VPAM guidelines, in the exhibition area of the dummy conference

Are you wondering how the biofidelic dummy can survive an explosion in this vehicle?

The world's first armored SUV based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 to be certified with 3 stars from the official state ballistics department in Mellrichtstadt / Bavaria according to the latest guidelines of the VPAM ERV (Version 3 from March 2021).

On site at the conference.

Thanks to Mr. Schepler from Carl Friederichs GmbH.


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2. Report on series of laboratory scale tests using the Crew Compartment Underbody Blast Simulator (CCUBS) with PRIMUS Biofidelic Dummy

A series of laboratory scale tests using the Crew Compartment Underbody Blast Simulator (CCUBS) were conducted at the Occupant Protection Laboratory (OPL) at Selfridge ANGB, MI. The tests were designed to compare the responses of a PRIMUS dummy to a Hybrid III (HIII) 50th percentile male Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD). Additionally, the test data will be used to derive correlation between testing on the CCUBS and in a live-fire surrogate, such as the OPL’s Generic Hull (GH)...

Full Report

Craig Foster is speaker live on stage at the dummy conference



CTS welcomes international participants of the ROADPOL seminar led by Heinz Albert Stumpen.

Besides a spectacular rear-end collision on the crash test facility, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Hannawald explained the news about the biofidelic dummy in the dummy lab.
After a lecture on the current topic of road blockers and mobile vehicle barriers, among other things, there were interesting discussions on the subject of occupant protection in the automotive industry.

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Primus dummies for film studios

In the meantime, biofidelic dummies are also used in film studios. If the stunts are too dangerous for stuntmans, dummies with realistic movements are used. CTS is happy about another delivery of 6 dummies.


Protective clothing saves lives

Good protective helmets not only prevent direct injury from an external impact, but also dampen the effects of the impacting forces so that critical influences on the sensitive brain are significantly mitigated. The biofidelic dummy equipped with the appropriate measurement technology allows a good assessment of the protective effect of protective clothing. Contact us if you would like to test your protective clothing.


CTS successfully starts the new seminar season in June

  • Presentation at the IASIU Europe Conference on Insurance Fraud in Malmö
  • Organization of the Accidenta insurance seminar on the CTS site
  • Venue for Vaillant Roadshow "Mission 2024"
  • Lecture and stand at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart
  • X-ray of a biofidel dummy with a presentation at the carhs practical conference for pedestrian protection in Bergisch Gladbach at the Bast
  • Presentation of the simulation model at the Impetus Conference in Flekkefjord with our partners from EDAG and the HTW Dresden

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The first preparations for the drop tests (fall tests) in aviation are underway.

With the drop tests, the effects on the aircraft cell structure, the landing gear and other components are shown.
Using our biofidel dummies, not only the loads that affect the occupants can be measured, but also the injuries of the occupants, such as vertebral contusions, become directly visible.

Are you also interested in drop tests with airplanes, helicopters, drones or other aircraft?