Crash test for the engineering office Schmedding & Partner

The team around test manager Dipl. - Ing. Ralf Bührmann crashed last week for the engineering office Schmedding & Partner from Oldenburg. In this case, the task was to reconstruct a collision at a crossroads. Thanks to the crash results, the expert in charge of the case, Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Marten, was able to draw valuable conclusions about the accident, especially about the collision speed.


Guard dogs training on the crash test facility

This week the dog team of the Münster police force was again on the crash site. The young protection dogs or drug detection dogs and their handlers set up different scenarios, such as the search for drugs on and in vehicles. In this way the emergency could be tested under real conditions.


CTS crash tests on FHWA list

The tests carried out at CTS according to the specifications of MASH (MASH 2009 Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware / MASH 2016 Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware Second Edition) can be found on the international FHWA list. Especially in the USA, this list serves authorities to inform themselves about current systems available on the market and to access the corresponding test certificates.


New partners for the simulation of impact tests

Traffic restraint systems often have to be checked for their functionality by dynamic and virtual simulations before the first crash test.

To this end, CTS has been cooperating for some weeks now with EDAG Engineering GmbH and GDTech S.A. "The aim is to offer our customers holistic and, above all, independent solutions, right up to the successful completion of standard tests", says Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig (Managing Partner of CTS).


Higher and further

The new elevating platform for the crash facility has just arrived. With a working height of over 22 metres, the platform is mainly used as a telescopic arm for top shots of crash tests. The entire crash team around Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bührmann (test manager) is very happy about the new vehicle in the CTS fleet. 


PRIMUS-Dummy in underwater use

This week, the biofidelic PRIMUS dummy was used for an accident reconstruction experiment in a specially rented swimming pool.

"All PRIMUS dummies are suitable for underwater use, this opens up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of e.g. diving equipment or for lifeguards who can use the PRIMUS dummy as a training object," says Dr. M. Dobberstein (Managing Director CTS). The PRIMUS dummy can also be used for the diving training of astronauts, underwater blast tests or other diving exercises.


Conversion of the crash test system provides more flexibility

The re-fitting work on the crash test facility has been successfully completed in the last few days, which now enables the CTS team to react even more flexibly and at shorter notice to test orders. Especially for standard tests, e.g. EN 1317, EN 12767, PAS 68, ASTM F2656/F2656M, IWA14-1, MASH, etc., this has opened up new possibilities for prompt execution.

Even if the avoidance of personal contacts is the main focus these days, we are still there for you. Both on the crash site and in the office, operations continue with the best possible protection for customers and employees.

If it is not possible for you to be live on site during crash tests due to the current situation, we will be happy to set up a video livestream for you.

We are well positioned for the coming weeks and look forward to continuing to work with you as productively as before.


Conversion of the crash system

In these days the crash system was completely rebuilt. A conversion that Managing Director Dr. Mirko Dobberstein has high hopes for: "Even before the conversion measures, we were able to move vehicles weighing up to 70 t without any problems, but this is now taking place within a significantly optimised tolerance range. The crash system can now be adapted even more flexibly and spontaneously to the most varied test requirements".

Already this week successful tests according to MASH were carried out. This standard is the benchmark for crash barriers used in road traffic worldwide.

"Since we have become even more flexible thanks to the retrofit, new possibilities arise in scheduling. We are now able to accept orders for standard tests, especially according to MASH, even at short notice", says Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig (Managing Partner of CTS).

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