New measurement technology in the Biofidelic Dummy

In the scope of the “14th PraxisConference for pedestrian protection” Dr. Michael Weyde (Engineering office Priester & Weyde) reported on the biofidelic dummy as a vulnerable road user in full-scale crash tests. In the course of the event, the CTS-crash team were also present on site. Crash test manager Ralf Bührmann and group leader Kai Schulte demonstrated live two pedestrian crash tests. The special feature: for the first time, the latest measuring sensors from Kistler were installed into the biofidelic dummy. Thus, the measurement technology directly built into the dummy could be read out immediately after the crash test and provide new insights on the collision-related movements and loads acting on the dummy. The documentation of the autopsy of both dummies and the analysis of the measurement technology will be made available to the participants shortly and can also be downloaded from the CTS crash test database.


RWTH Aachen at crash test

Last week, students from RWTH Aachen were guest at the CTS crash test facility. Besides a detailed guided company tour, Dr. Möhler’s students had the possibility to attend a presentation on the range of areas of CTS before heading to the crash test area. Test manager Ralf Bührmann and his team had prepared a crossroads collision with two SUVs. The participants could watch live which forces act in such a collision.


ITAI Conference

Photo: Ian White (Council Member), Jonathan Stubbs (Chairman), Peter Schimmelpfennig (CTS)

In Lutterworth, England, this years’ ITAI Crash Conference took place. For this occasion, Peter Schimmelpfennig (Managing Partner CTS) had also travelled there and spoke about the new biofidelic dummies. These were not just presented at the event but were also crashed live. In two crash tests the participants could convince themselves of the physical characteristics of the new dummies.


ESV Conference

At this year’s “International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles” (ESV) CTS was represented for the first time with an exhibition stand. At the conference taking place in the Netherlands which is supported i.a. by the US-Department of Transportation (NHTSA), the opportunity was given to exchange knowledge regarding the innovative progress on vehicle safety. Of course, the trade fair was accompanied by the new and innovative biofidelic dummy which was presented by Mr. Schimmelpfennig (Managing Partner CTS) and Mr. Mackel at the CTS-exhibition stand.



Security Forum 2019

Under the motto „Mobility and Communication“, decision-makers from business, authorities and scientific communities came together in Fürstenau. The opportunity was offered for Peter Schimmelpfennig (Managing Partner) to present the newly developed biofidelic dummies and to answer questions on the functionality and areas of application.


Automotive Testing Expo 2019

At this year’s Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, CTS presented the new biofidelic dummy. The completely new constructed dummy is the first dummy on the market that can freely stand and also freely sit. Furthermore, a new skeleton type was presented which can optionally be fitted with measurement technology from the company Kistler. Further information on the biofidelic dummy can be found here.


Safety Week and Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Last week CTS took part at the Safety Week and Automotive Testing Expo 2019 in Würzburg. Managing Director Peter Schimmelpfennig presented the latest generation of Biofidel dummies. The biofidelic dummy is the only dummy on the market which can both freely stand and sit. This and many other innovations of the latest dummy generation will also be on display this week at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart. We would like to welcome you at the CTS booth which is located at booth number 1432. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Dummies on a journey

Once again, biofidelic dummies from the CTS-dummy manufacture leave the crash facility. This time around though sitting rather than lying down. Usually the biofidelic dummies are shipped in specially designed transportation boxes. This week, however, one customer decided to personally collect the dummies and brought them securely strapped in to their new destination.