PRIMUS Breakable now also as simulation model

The biofidelic dummy object (PRIMUS Breakable) of AFUS GmbH. The project of AFUS Research Company was developed in close cooperation with EDAG Engineering, Crashtest-Service and the University of Applied Sciences Dresden.

Experimental crash tests are very expensive an time-consuming, therefore the demand for simulation models based on the finite elemend method is increasing strongly. The developement team at AFUS is also facing the new challanges of converting the Biofidelic-Dummy into a simulation model.

More information and details can be found in the object page of Impetus MARKET.


New e-bike crash tests from AXA / Winterthur in the web shop

CTS is looking forward to a series of e-bike crash tests from AXA / Winterthur, which you can find in our web shop at the start of the new year. You will also find tests on the subject of motorcycle and car crash tests, which are available for download along with the measurement data.


Airplane, Helicopter, Spacecraft Drop-Testing

Whether airplanes, helicopters, fuselage segments or large, heavy, sensitive objects, we carry out drop tests up to a height of 30m on our outdoor crashtest facility. You can also choose from a wide variety of soil conditions, including drop testing on water surfaces.


PRIMUS biofidelic dummy at the Düsseldorf Art Academy

"normcore / measure me" is Moritz Riesenbeck's graduation exhibition at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. It consists of selected biofidel dummies (PRIMUS-breakable) and a deconstructed collection of inscribed themes.

[…] Due to its purposeful construction to reconstruct phenomena that affect our body, the dummy becomes a sculpture with authentic physical expression. Similar to ancient stone sculptures that are shaped into human bodies and suggest a physical expression.

Two dummies were selected with CTS after high speed crash tests. Therefore, they show traces of this action - the moment when the body is changed. The traces refer to this moment and bring a temporality to the objects.

A system built into the ceiling allows drops of water to fall onto a dummy's hand. The sound is amplified and transposed down three octaves live to create a physical rhythm, which is reproduced using a stereo subwoofer system.

Biometric face recognition is a technical process to identify a person. The face is suitable for this because it has enough characteristic biometric features. Not only artificial intelligences, but also we humans identify each other by our faces. The face of a dummy, which in the case of the PRIMUS-breakable is made of latex, was removed and placed on a holding system. It is lightly illuminated so that the recipient sees their own shadowed face next to that of the dummy.

"Shock Mount" is a steel structure modeled on a mechanism used in sound recording that isolates the microphone from the vibrations of the room. A construction scaled to human size, inspired by the external fixator, a standardized holding system that is normally adapted to the individual bone, holds a lymphatic drainage suit - full body pressure. In general, pressure on the body can support the process of sensory integration. Perceptual disturbances can be relieved with steady pressure that calms the brain, similar to a hug."


Indian delegation finds out about approval tests for road blockers

CTS welcomes an Indian delegation to learn about the various road blocking standards. Since the demand for approved bollard systems is also constantly increasing in India, CTS is looking forward to the constantly increasing demand for approval tests from India and German products that have been approved in Germany.

The delegation was also interested in the biofidelic dummy, which is now to be discussed in security-relevant areas in India.


ASTM F2656/F2656M

IWA 14-1

DIN SPEC 91414-1


Biofidelic dummy for drone collision testing

When drones collide with pedestrians or cyclists, this can lead to serious injuries to humans. In particular, drones at major events or in stadiums, which, for example, have reinforced carbon wings and are also heavier, can cause deep cuts in the head area.

Link to the RTL television report on drone collisions with cyclists:


130km/h: Is Apple's crash detection failing?

OwnGalaxy - These are Julian Völzke and Patrick Maugeri (Text: OwnGalaxy)

Since the introduction of Apple's Crash Detection feature for the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, I've really wanted to test it in real life! But that's not so easy - although you can provoke crash detection under certain circumstances, but simply building such an accident for a mobile phone test is probably far from any reality. That's why we have teamed up with CTS in Münster - a large crash test center. Here we were able to make several attempts together with professionals. And unfortunately one thing has to be said: Apple's crash detection disappointed us a bit - but you can see why in the video now! Many thanks to the CTS in Munster.

Link to video: (starting from 02:50 minute)


Wheels - Form of execution using a large wagon wheel

ZDF has carried out experiments with the biofidelic dummy. The role played by the PRIMUS dummy can be seen in the current episode "Middle Ages Crime Scene: Shocking Violence" (from min 08:00).

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