PRIMUS breakable

Biofidelic crash test dummy


  • Dummy for the reproducibility of human injuries



  • Bone replacement material recreated based on the mechanical properties of human bones (e.g. breaking strength)
  • Soft tissue replacement material based on the mechanical properties of human tissue (e.g. hysteresis)
  • Tendons and cruciate ligaments in knee and arm joints correspond to human strength levels
  • Degree of freedom of movement modelled on human movability
  • Sitting, standing and twisted body posture feasible
  • Hands with “gripping function” made of solid material or with integrated bone replacement material available
  • Repairs possible
  • Size and weight individually customisable
  • Installation of (customised) measurement technology possible
  • Technical autopsy or CT-scan possible
  • Water resistant / suitable for use under water
  • Male and female models available


Fields of application:

  • Crash tests for road traffic accident reconstruction
  • Development tests for the automotive industry
  • Tests for autonomous driving and with non-standard seating positions
  • Development tests and safety tests for the aviation industry
  • Life cycle and vibration tests
  • Airbag tests (also for PPE such as motorcycle clothing, equestrian sports, cycling)
  • Explosive or mine tests
  • Shooting tests (safety vests, helmets)
  • Review of self-mutilation scenarios
  • Accidents with mechanical technical equipment
  • Crime scene reenactment (murder / suicide)
  • Rescue and recovery



PRIMUS breakable

  • Sale price: from 25.900,00 € (net) plus measurement technology
  • Rental price: on request

PRIMUS breakable (refurbished)

  • Sale price: on request
  • Rental price: from 1.950,00 € (5 business days) plus possible repairs / plus measurement technology


Internal skeleton of the PRIMUS breakable

Full view PRIMUS breakable

Product description PRIMUS breakable